The Library of Liupanshui Normal University (LNU) founded in 1978 and its former name was the Library of Liupanshui Teachers College. After more than 30 years of construction and development, the library is now beginning to take shape.

    The Library of LNU is a middle-scale library, providing teaching and scientific research with abundant documents and materials. Now, the library is in stock with 480,000 printed books, 210,000 e-books in Chinese, 45 domestic newspapers, and more than 1,000 periodicals, more than 20,000 foreign language books.

    In March , 2009, LNU was approved to establish by Ministry of Education. And the library had paid great attention to the development of automatization. When the new library was opened in June, 2011, much modern equipments have been installed to provide modern services. The electronic reading rooms are convenient for the readers to surfing and searching. Many databases were held in the library, such as CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), Wanfang Data, etc .

   The new library covers a floor space of 15,750 square meters with 1,800 seats for the readers. It includes The first Social Science Circulation Room , The Second Social Science Circulation Room, The Third Social Science Circulation Room, The First Science Circulation Room, The Second Science Circulation Room, Foreign Language Books Circulation Room, Reference Reading Room, Newspapers and Journal Reading Room, Electronic Reading Room, Audio-visual Hall, etc.

   The network and equipment of the new library have been greatly improved. The library is providing more than 260 computers for the readers. Readers can get on the Internet freely with their computers. The library is making great contributions to higher education’s resource-sharing and digital library development.
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